The Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova was established on 25 September 1991 pursuant to Decision no. 537 of the Government of the Republic of Moldova. The Institute of National Economy of the Ministry of Economy and two faculties within the State University -“Economics”, ”Trade Economics and Commodity Science” – lay the foundation of the Academy. The faculty of Economics was founded at the State University, in August 1953, by enrolling 52 students in “National Economy Planning”, and “Finance”.

At present, the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova is a modern university complex, organized into 6 faculties, 27 chairs, 3 departments, 6 centres, 13 offices and services, a business incubator and the National College of Trade. AESM has a sound material resource basis: a scientific library, a centre of multimedia, a number of centres for post-graduate training and consulting, Master’s and Doctorate studies offices, and other subdivisions, 5 buildings equipped with the latest technologies; 7 dormitories with study rooms; a modern sports complex; 27 computer classrooms, connected to Internet; a rehabilitation centre and a recreation facility in Vadul lui Voda village.

As of 1992 over 18 thousand graduates have been awarded the diploma of the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova. At present, more than 16 thousand undergraduate, Master’s and Doctorate students are trained at AESM, and 29 Doctors Habilitatum and more than 200 Doctors of Science undertake their teaching activity.

Alliance Francaise de Moldavie

L’Alliance Française de Moldavie, a été créée en 1992, au lendemain de l’Indépendance du pays, par un groupe de jeunes professeurs passionnés par la France. Cette « institution » est une association de droit local, reconnue d’utilité publique par les autorité moldaves depuis 2008, membre du réseau mondial animé par la Fondation Alliance Française, administrée par un Conseil d’administration composé de personnalités de la vie culturelle, sociale, universitaire, ou économique.

American Councils for International Education: ACTR/ACCELS is an international not-for-profit organization leading the development and exchange of knowledge between the US and Eastern Europe/Eurasia. Its mission is to foster independence and democratic development by advancing education and research, cultivating leadership, and empowering individuals and institutions through learning. Founded in 1974 as an association for area and language professionals, American Councils has focused its expertise on the design and implementation of academic exchange, professional training, distance learning, curriculum and test development, delivery of technical assistance and consulting services, research and evaluation, and institution building. The American Councils office in Moldova has been active since 1992, and is proud to work together with the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs in the administration of various exchange programs and programs for alumni development. Currently, Moldovan program participants have been to forty-six states in the United States of America. In addition, our American Language Center offers high-quality English instruction to groups of professionals and to the public in general, based upon a unique curriculum developed by American TEFL specialists.

The English Teaching Resource Center (ETRC) was created by the U.S. Embassy and “I. Creanga” State Pedagogical University in collaboration with the British Embassy to Moldova. It is a multi-media center created to help English teachers improve their knowledge of English, to assist them in developing their lessons and classroom teaching skills, and to promote communication and professional association among English language teachers across the republic.
In the beautifully remodeled ETRC, teachers can:-

  • read the latest books on English teaching methods,
  • find authentic English language materials,
  • plan their lessons and network with EFL colleagues.

The English Teaching Resource Center is open free of charge to all English language teachers in Moldova. It is the place where teachers find experts in the language who can answer their questions, help with lesson planning, and provide tips on how to make teaching effective and easy. It is also a place where teachers can make themselves heard and hear others, where they can relax and meet friends and colleagues.
ETRC is open 5 days a week, Monday through Friday from 9am to 6 pm. ETRC Coordinators, Irina Cuzminih and Larisa Guzun are always glad to help you.

iEARN is a non-profit organization made up of over 30,000 schools and youth organizations in more than 130 countries. iEARN empowers teachers and young people to work together online using the Internet and other new communications technologies. Over 2,000,000 students each day are engaged in collaborative project work worldwide. iEARN International is registered as an NGO in Spain and has an international office in Callus, Spain. Since 1988, iEARN has pioneered on-line school linkages to enable students to engage in meaningful educational projects with peers in their countries and around the world.

iEARN is:

  • a safe and structured environment in which young people can communicate
  • an opportunity to apply knowledge in service-learning projects
  • a community of educators and learners making a difference as part of the educational process

The American Language Center has an honorable mission to acknowledge and to develop potential of the students and different experts from all over Moldova; it also offers the opportunity to discover an intercultural experience.
American Language Center is the Department of Education at American Councils; its main goal is to deliver English teaching services. What distinguishes the Center from the other English schools are the following:
• Highly-professional teachers;
• Specialization only on teaching English: General English, Business English, English of Jurisprudence, etc.
• Collaboration with individuals and corporate clients;
• Application of the most innovative methods of teaching English (Project Based Learning, Multimedia Learning, teaching via Skype, etc.);
• Application of the most modern and authentic materials;
• Coordination of extracurricular activities (Summer Leadership Academy);
• Organization of Conversational Clubs with American teachers.

Along with classes of English language, ALC offers courses of Russian and Romanian languages; intensive and extensive; individual and corporate; general and specialized courses for international companies of Moldova, embassies, local private and public organizations.

Librăria franceză CALIGRAMA

Centrul de Cultură şi Artă, “Ginta Latină”,

str. Sfatul Ţării 18, Chişinău, tel/fax 23-34-24

MOLDOVA(C.F. 1003600169374)

Facebook : Libraria Franceza Caligrama



Educational Centre Moldova – Better books, better prices!

Educational Centre is representative and distributor of different famous publishing houses from all over the world – Oxford UP, Penguin, DK, Cambridge UP, Elsevier, McGrawHill, MacMillan, Palgrave, Taylor & Francis, BookPoint, Garnet Education, Willey, (UK), Max Hueber Verlag, Langenscheidt (Germany), ELI, Alma Edizioni, Edilingua (Italy), Santillana (Spain).

Educational Centre provides the largest collection of Foreign Language Teaching Books in English, German, Italian and Spanish languages. We also provide a huge variety of Academic books –Business, Law, Economics, Medicine, Politics, Science etc.

At our premises customers can buy bilingual and monolingual dictionaries, encyclopedias, reference dictionaries, modern and classical literature, fiction and non-fiction, readers as well as grammar books, audio materials, resource books for teachers.

Moldova, Chisinau 2012

Str. Columna 72/3

Tel/fax: +(373) 22 22-89-87

+(373) 22 27-84-86



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